Creating the future with Teki-zai Teki-sui*

* Teki-zai Teki-sui means appropriate water quality through utilization of the right materials.

About us


Our mission is to be a company that delivers water of the highest quality through utilizing suitable materials. Our professional team—with a staff that has a wealth of experience in the industry at its core—develops, produces, and sells next generation water purifying carbon filters.
Our main product line of carbon filters utilizes M3 CARBON.

With properties superior to those of conventional coconut shell activated carbon, it is expected that M3 CARBON will represent the next generation of activated carbon. By utilizing industrial waste, we can both reduce transportation costs and decrease the amount of CO2 emissions involved in the production process. Our aim is to contribute to a low carbon society as an ecological company.

Our motto is “offering the right materials for the best water quality,” and it is the sincere mission of our entire staff to spare no effort in continuing our research and development activities, both now and in the future. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Toshihiro Ishibashi Representative, TIG Inc. T.Ishibashi

Company profile

Company NameTIG Inc.
EstablishedAugust 1, 2012
RepresentativeToshihiro Ishibashi
Business descriptionDevelopment, manufacture and distribution of
materials for water purification and carbon filters
(cartridge type)
Headquarters1-25-111, Higashida 2-Chome, Yahata Higashi-ku,
Kitakyushu City, FUKUOKA, 805-0071, JAPAN
Phone: +81 (93) 661-1788 Fax: +81 (93) 661-1798
HMC OFFICE2rd Floor, 5-7, Higashida 1-Chome, Yahata Higashi-ku,
Kitakyushu City, FUKUOKA, 805-0071, JAPAN
Phone: +81 (93) 681-1800 Fax: +81 (93) 681-1810
VIETNAM OFFICENo 112, Nguyen Ngoc Nai str, Thanh Xuan dist.,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84 (43) 256-5666 Fax: +84 (43) 563-8866